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on 31 Jul 2020 2:34 PM

capacity Management

Last Saturday was Black Saturday. So everybody was gridlocked on the highway all over Europe. Your IT infrastructure also gets gridlocked some of the time. All of a sudden your users can't do their work (or only slowly), and your customers are leaving because it's all taking too long. How would it feel to make more money instead of less when things get busy?

Use capacity management

Those busy times are easy to predict, just like Black Saturday in Europe. So you can take (temporary) measures to make sure your customers and employees are not affected. 

Business on your website or web application follows a set pattern mostly. You can visualize that pattern with good capacity management. You use the information you get from capacity mamangement to get ahead of the bustle. Laying down new tarmac takes time, but scaling up your IT resources takes the push of a button these days. Just like scaling down again when the dust settles again.

If only you knew where there will be a bustle

You can also predict where in your IT infrastructure congestion will occur, not just when. So you only need to reinforce the parts that need it. You can realize that faster and it's cheaper to boot.

No stress, more turnover

Do you want more turnover instead of more stress when things get moving? Sciante has helped her customers determine the right capacity for their IT infrastructure for over 10 years. You can trust us to help you too.

Ask for our free white paper and get three tips that get you started avoiding traffic jams in your IT infrastructure.

Capacity Management
on 20 Jul 2020 9:21 AM

Don't wait for your computer

Before the crisis all your applications worked fine. But not so much now that everybody works from home. Citrix/RDP/VDI traffic is next to nothing. But your home workers are complaining: "Why doesn't my mouse cursor follow my mouse movements and why is the text on my screen behind on my typing? I cant't work like this."

Your internet connection is used differently

When you rolled out your business Internet line you never expected this many home workers. And let's be honest, price was a factor when you chose. An Internet line that needs to service many types of traffic has different requirement than one that handles just simple Internet traffic.

Different types of traffic mixed together.

A lot of passenger cars on a three lane highway works fine. Just a bunch of 18-wheelers on the same road has a good traffic flow too. But mix the two on the same road and they start to interfere with each other. Add motorcycles, crane truck and other utility vehicles and everybody gets delayed.

Fast traffic caught up behind the slower kind

The home workers are the motorcycles. They don't take a lot of space, but they can't go full throttle to get to their destination on time because of the density of the traffic.They need to slow down with the traffic and as often as not they cant't even enter the traffic because it's too busy with other traffic.

Get a traffic controller and have all traffic flow smoothly

What you need is a traffic controller for your digital highway. With traffic control your home workers can work undisturbed without derailing other traffic.

Manage your traffic so your home workers can work smoothly and have no more reason to complain. Get our free white paper.

Don't wait for your computer
on 01 Jul 2020 3:44 PM

Don't wait for your computer

A customer of mine moved a business critical application to the cloud. Not a lift and shift but a fresh, cloud friendly application. From day one the application started hanging for a few minutes, daily at unpredictable moments. Not just slow, it ground to a total halt. And then suddenly everything worked again, like nothing had happened at all.

No bottlenecks in sight

On the cloud servers nothing was evident. No CPU, memory or disk problems en no other inexplicable slowdowns. So I looked at their Internet connection and guess what? A lot of employees brought their own Apple devices to supplement their Windows laptops. And those Apple devices updated themselves whenever they felt like it. Apple's update servers clogged the whole Internet connection.

The customer is now using a local Internet breakout for non business traffic. His problem is solved.

It happens everywhere

In the Corona time I see a lot of similar problems at customers sites. More people are working from home and they're using more video conferencing. That changes the nature of the traffic on business Internet connections. And nobody bothered to update their configurations. Applications that used to work fine are now showing all sorts of problems.

Fix your application problems

Fix your application problems easily. Request our free white paper.

Don't wait for your computer
on 04 Jun 2020 2:19 PM

Don't wait for your computer

If you need to wait for your report you're wasting time. But what if you need to wait before you can even start your report because your data isn't ready? That's the reality for many of our customers when we first speak to them. Even daily loading of a data warehouse is a challenge. I know some that used to be loaded weekly only.

Current data allows you to react faster

How much faster can you react if your data is refreshed every half hour? For a customer of ours in real estate that's their every day reality now. When Sciante was asked for help there were problems with the daily load of the data warehouse. Loading started in the evening and often wasn't complete by 9 am.

Sciante measured and analysed the loading procedure and made recommendations for improvements. Those were implemented step by step and with each step the results were measured. This allows you to know which measures are most effective in your specific situation.

Today the business can react directly if needed and doesn't have to wait for the day after to react. If an opportunity arises it can be grabbed directly. And if a problem occurs it causes less damage.

Read the entire testimonial from this customer

This customer is so satisfied they want to share their experience with you. Click de button at the end of this blog and read the entire testimonial.

Don't wait for your computer
on 21 Feb 2020 3:28 PM

You need a program that feeds a group of people. You have a programmer make an algorithm for buying bread (drive to the baker down the road, wait in line, buy a loaf of bread, drive back). You have another programmer make an algorithm for the feeding (count the mouths to feed (10) call the buy bread algorithm 10 times, then give the 10 loaves to the hungry people). This works like a charm, 20 minutes after the people get hungry, they eat.

Bake bread the right way

You bring this live. In real life you don’t have 10 but 100 mouths to feed. And the baker down the road can’t supply that much bread, so you use one across town that’s 5 minutes away instead of 2. Now when people get hungry it takes over 8 hours before they eat. They complain about being hungry for a long time, but what can you do? So your people get used to being hungry for hours on end.

Now you move to the cloud, your baker is now in Paris while you live in Amsterdam. The good news is you get croissants. The bad news is your people die from starvation before the croissants are on their table.

That’s a silly story. In real life. But it’s exactly how most software today is made. Your computers work in milliseconds rather than minutes, so you don’t notice right away. Before you know it your customers and employees are waiting dozens of seconds or even minutes before simple tasks are completed by your software. Over and over again. When this happens, new customers will stop coming, then existing ones start leaving. At the same time you’re wasting your most valuable and most limited resource, your employee’s time, driving up your cost and plummeting productivity. Even if you don’t notice it yet, there’s probably ample room for improvement in your applications right now.

When you find and solve your unneeded delays before they become a problem you will increase turnover, cut cost and increase productivity. Sciante has been helping it’s customers do precisely that for almost a decade. We help you find the delays already holding you back, delays that will hold you back in the future and improve speed to get you ahead of your competition. In today’s fast world, we help you keep up, then overtake.

Do you want to be helped by your IT and not held back? Get in touch.

Bake bread the right way
on 15 Jan 2020 4:21 PM

Your IT department insists everything is OK. All their lights are green and they're meeting the SLA's you agreed on with them. And still your customers and users are waiting a long time before your applications and websites respond.

Your business needs to work efficient

It's nice when the technology works as it should. But of course you'd rather have your business running efficiently. That applications help your business instead of holding it back.

To know whether your IT is helping your business or not you need to measure. But you shouldn't just measure the technical bits. You want an objective gauge for the efficiency of your business operations. To get that you need to know how fast your websites render on your customers screen, so you retain more customers and you convert more. And if your business processes are running efficiently. Or if your users have needless waits for your applications.

For almost 10 years Sciante has measured and analyzed IT performance from a user and business perspective. Sciante looks at all layers of IT, from the deep technical layers to the layers where the result is felt by customers and users.. Our customers know if their IT is helping or hampering.

Do you want to be helped by your IT and not held back? Get in touch.

Your business needs to work efficient
on 15 Jan 2020 4:13 PM

Are you used to traffic jams every morning? How much time would you gain if traffic kept moving? Every day you're in more traffic jams than you know. They are electronic. It cost you, your employees and your customers a lot of time. And hence a lot of money.

You can make more money

One of my customers makes invoices with a reporting tool. Until recently that took a minute per invoice. After applying some performance advice supplied by Sciante it takes 20 seconds. Saving 40 seconds may not seem like much, but if many employees produce many invoices daily this will save you several FTE. And with the current strained job market you can avoid costly hiring procedures when your business grows.

People get used to slowness. They get used to fetching coffee when their computer starts. And a second cup as they log in. The third as the application starts. They don't complain because it's been like that for years. Even if you're used to it costs money through lost productivity. And it doesn't need to be like that. Small improvements in functionality that's used often will make your people more productive. And happier to boot.

For almost 10 years, Sciante has helped her customers systems get good performance and keep good performance. We fix problems fast and skillfully, but we prefer to prevent them before they occur. Sciante has a unique vision on IT performance that allows us to fix and prevent performance issues. Fast, competent, with oversight and insight.

To make your IT fast and reliable and keep it that way you contact Sciante with the button below.

You can make more money
on 15 Jan 2020 4:01 PM

Do you sometimes have 'sudden' or 'spontaneous' changes? An application that's suddenly very slow, without any reasonable explanation? Resulting in overtime, stress and sleepless nights?

Modern applications are built using more than just the application itself. They depend on hardware, software, network and storage infrastructure. The landscape they run in is constantly changing. And every landscape change changes the applications that depend on it. Often the change is small, but sometimes the change is unexpectedly and dramatically big and makes the application your responsible for grind to a halt. Leaving you up the creek without a paddle.

The world is changing

Because your IT landscape is constantly changing, application maintenance is a continuous process. You need to include performance maintenance if you don't want to be surprised.

A good example is the migration to SQL Server 2016. After the upgrade to SQL Server 2016 several of my customers noticed that applications became very slow for several minutes at unpredictable moments.This was caused by statistics updates that happen more often in SQL Server 2016 than in earlier versions. But not so often that you'll notice during testing. Leaving the big surprise for when you're already in production.

Somewhere in the extensive release notes it says that there's a change in the moment when statistics get updated. Statistics are used to make your database faster. Updating statistics causes a very heavy load on the database server if it contains a large volume of data. You don't want that to happen when you need the database for your application.

For customers where we perform continuous performance management, including their acceptance environment, we were able to prevent slowdowns in production. For customers where we only measure production we provided a fast fix for the problem.

Don't get surprised by changes in your IT landscape that hit your applications. Contact us today.

The world is changing
on 01 Jan 2020 12:32 PM

One of my customers is experiencing slowness in their entire infrastructure, especially in their helpdesk application. All specialists form all suppliers have looked at the problem, nobody has identified the cause. 'It's not us'

I sat all the specialists down around a table and asked them to tell their part of the story. What they know, what they saw and why it's not in their part of the IT.When everyone had told their story, and I'd asked a few questions, I knew which two problems were causing the delays.

Leer wat je weet

This customer has a storage network. The storage people say that's a network and the network people say it's storage. So nobody's looking at it. If you connect 58 servers and only 2 cables connect to the storage, it's like having a 58 lane highway that suddenly narrows to 2 lanes. It's not surprising you get a traffic jam there, especially if trucks, family cars, sports cars and motorcycles suddenly have to share the same lanes.

The other problem is fetching large chunks of data in very small parts. Part of your high way is limited to two lanes, but you keep driving up and down with a single package instead of sending a truck loaded with a few pallets. That gives you an unneeded traffic density and transfering the packages takes tens to hundreds of times as long as needed.

So I measured the infrastructure. Measurements confirmed these two problems and during measurement a few smaller problems also surfaced. Solutions were defined for the problems found, they are being implemented.

By creating good oversight I identified the problems quickly. Looking at parts of IT that nobody feels responsible for also helps. Properly dealing with IT performance requires knowledge, experience, oversight and insight. Administrators can have a lot of knowledge of the part they manage, the knowledge of adjacent parts is often limited an specific performance knowledge is often missing. That makes them miss causes that are outside their knowledge sphere.

For almost 10 years, Sciante has helped her customers systems get good performance and keep good performance. We fix problems fast and skillfully, but we prefer to prevent them before they occur. Sciante has a unique vision on IT performance that allows us to fix and prevent performance issues. Fast, competent, with oversight and insight.

To make your IT fast and reliable and keep it that way you contact Sciante with the button below.

Leer wat je weet
on 01 Dec 2019 3:23 PM

Are you going to meet them in the final weeks of this year?

In this time of year everybody is trying to get you to set your goals for next year, but to set realistic goals for next year you need to know how well you met this years goals and why. If you don't you're not setting goals but making wishes.

Did you meet your goals for this year

Whether you're on target or not, and whether that's by a small or a large margin, it's at least as important to know why your company performed the way it did. So you can adapt your goals for next year and make them feasible. Or adjust your new goals upward because you can achieve more than you thought.

Your business depends more and more on automation each year. Whether it's a small or a large business is no longer important. You can treat IT as a necessary evil and therefore consider it as costs. You can also use IT to your strategic advantage. You're already serving your customers and prospects primarily in an automated way. You can stand out from the crowd by serving them better than others do. At least you need to make sure you're not doing worse than the crowd. To make next years goals feasible and to jump two feet higher than you're planning now.

In a previous blog I explained why you have a better experience of your website than new visitors do. When you make the user experience on your website fast enough, you stand out from the crowd. This will cause more visitors to arrive. A larger part of those visitors will order something or register for your webinar or your newsletter.

Start today by knowing how well you're doing right now. That will help you understand this years numbers better. And it will tell you how to improve next years numbers. Beyond what you hold possible today.

Book a scan of your website right now to know how you're doing. If you don't how you're doing now making plans for next year makes little sense. The first step (worth 300 euros) is free for now and tell you if your web site (or shop) is fast enough to meet or exceed your goals. Please note we are also busy at end of year, so there is time for a limited number of scans only. First come, first served.

Did you meet your goals for this year

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