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on 31 Jul 2020 3:47 PM

Business Process Monitoring

Your users need to do the same work with fewer people, because a lot of colleagues are on vacation. They complain, the larger stack of work causes them to suffer even more from slow applications. Can you help them? Sure you can!

The real cost is not in IT

Many applications have been written and deployed so they lower IT cost as much as possible. But that's not where the real cost lies. The real cost is in users that have to wait (too) long for slow IT systems. Those are wasted work hours and they are much more expensive than IT. And don't get me started on customers that walk away because things are taking too long....

Make business process efficient, not just IT

By measuring the efficiency of your business process and the user experience of your IT systems you get insight in where the real costs lie en how high they are. By tackling that effectively you increase your turnover and reduce your cost.

Your IT infrastructure can show all its lights green while your business is not supported properly by it. With business process monitoring you make sure that your business is running well, not just that your hardware is happy.

Solve it with business process monitoring

For over 10 year, Sciante has been measuring and analyzing IT Performance from a business and user perspective. Sciante looks at all layers of your IT, from the deep technical layers to the layers where the result is actually  felt by your customers and users. Our customers know whether their IT environments are helping their business or hampering it.

Ask for our white paper and get three free tips on how to make your IT support your business.

Business Process Monitoring

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