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on 01 Dec 2019 3:23 PM

Are you going to meet them in the final weeks of this year?

In this time of year everybody is trying to get you to set your goals for next year, but to set realistic goals for next year you need to know how well you met this years goals and why. If you don't you're not setting goals but making wishes.

Did you meet your goals for this year

Whether you're on target or not, and whether that's by a small or a large margin, it's at least as important to know why your company performed the way it did. So you can adapt your goals for next year and make them feasible. Or adjust your new goals upward because you can achieve more than you thought.

Your business depends more and more on automation each year. Whether it's a small or a large business is no longer important. You can treat IT as a necessary evil and therefore consider it as costs. You can also use IT to your strategic advantage. You're already serving your customers and prospects primarily in an automated way. You can stand out from the crowd by serving them better than others do. At least you need to make sure you're not doing worse than the crowd. To make next years goals feasible and to jump two feet higher than you're planning now.

In a previous blog I explained why you have a better experience of your website than new visitors do. When you make the user experience on your website fast enough, you stand out from the crowd. This will cause more visitors to arrive. A larger part of those visitors will order something or register for your webinar or your newsletter.

Start today by knowing how well you're doing right now. That will help you understand this years numbers better. And it will tell you how to improve next years numbers. Beyond what you hold possible today.

Book a scan of your website right now to know how you're doing. If you don't how you're doing now making plans for next year makes little sense. The first step (worth 300 euros) is free for now and tell you if your web site (or shop) is fast enough to meet or exceed your goals. Please note we are also busy at end of year, so there is time for a limited number of scans only. First come, first served.

Did you meet your goals for this year

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