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on 21 Feb 2020 3:28 PM

You need a program that feeds a group of people. You have a programmer make an algorithm for buying bread (drive to the baker down the road, wait in line, buy a loaf of bread, drive back). You have another programmer make an algorithm for the feeding (count the mouths to feed (10) call the buy bread algorithm 10 times, then give the 10 loaves to the hungry people). This works like a charm, 20 minutes after the people get hungry, they eat.

Bake bread the right way

You bring this live. In real life you don’t have 10 but 100 mouths to feed. And the baker down the road can’t supply that much bread, so you use one across town that’s 5 minutes away instead of 2. Now when people get hungry it takes over 8 hours before they eat. They complain about being hungry for a long time, but what can you do? So your people get used to being hungry for hours on end.

Now you move to the cloud, your baker is now in Paris while you live in Amsterdam. The good news is you get croissants. The bad news is your people die from starvation before the croissants are on their table.

That’s a silly story. In real life. But it’s exactly how most software today is made. Your computers work in milliseconds rather than minutes, so you don’t notice right away. Before you know it your customers and employees are waiting dozens of seconds or even minutes before simple tasks are completed by your software. Over and over again. When this happens, new customers will stop coming, then existing ones start leaving. At the same time you’re wasting your most valuable and most limited resource, your employee’s time, driving up your cost and plummeting productivity. Even if you don’t notice it yet, there’s probably ample room for improvement in your applications right now.

When you find and solve your unneeded delays before they become a problem you will increase turnover, cut cost and increase productivity. Sciante has been helping it’s customers do precisely that for almost a decade. We help you find the delays already holding you back, delays that will hold you back in the future and improve speed to get you ahead of your competition. In today’s fast world, we help you keep up, then overtake.

Do you want to be helped by your IT and not held back? Get in touch.

Bake bread the right way

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