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on 17 Oct 2019 6:30 PM

I like running. It lets me clear my head and it’s good for my health. I’m not a competitive runner. I do want the best possible health results. And improving my personal records is always nice.

Run without sore muscles

Recently I bought a smartwatch. Most smartwatches measure your heartbeat, your speed and your distance, but I bought a specialized sports watch. A sports watch measures a lot more like stride length, cadence (running rhythm) and oxygen level in your blood.

When you run there’s a limit to the amount of oxygen your lungs can take in. There’s a maximum amount of energy your body can produce with this oxygen (aerobic). You can use more energy (anaerobic), but then your body builds up a debt that you later have pay off with fatigue and sore muscles.

Using a sports watch instead of an ordinary smartwatch I can see if I’m running on oxygen or if I’m building up debt. Taking my speed down just a notch is often enough to run on oxygen. The result is a relaxing run that builds up my energy, and no sore muscles the day after. By measuring the right things the right way, signaling what’s wrong and most importantly: telling me what to do about it, the watch lets me get much better results from my running in just a few weeks time.

I do the same for my customers. I measure the right things in the right way. When things aren’t optimal or when they go wrong, I tell them what to fix and how to fix it. Sciante has the sports watch in performance tooling, measuring more, more accurately and more efficiently. You don’t just learn if you’re doing well, but also how to move from bad or just OK to GREAT.

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Run without sore muscles

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