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on 27 Aug 2020 3:17 PM

Response times

In Formula 1 racing a second lasts forever. On a cosmic scale it doesn't take the blink of an eye. How long does a second last for your company?

Each and every day you lose more time than you think. And your employees too. That makes you lose productivity and hence money.

Wat if there's a traffic light?

Lets put a traffic light at the finish line at Silverstone and have all cars wait patiently for a green light every lap. This causes extra wait time and they need to pick up speed every time. Stupid idea? Then why do so many business processes have such a traffic light built in in the IT they're using?

Response times hit you over and over

For almost every action they take your employees have to wait until your IT systems respond. Think of the load time for web(application) pages that takes 5-10 seconds each page, plus an extra 2-3 seconds to get moving again. Or generating reports or invoices that takes 30-60 seconds as often as not.

These response times hit you every time. Add that up for a working day and you'll freak out directly. For your business it quickly add up to several FTE not being productive, which means they're not making you money.

Lower your real IT costs

This where your real IT cost is. Lower your hidden IT cost today. Download our free white paper and get 3 tips that help you raise productivity by improving response times.

Response times

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