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on 03 Nov 2019 12:47 PM

I found the website of Monique, one of my suppliers, to be really slow. At my suggestion Monique let us perform our free scan. And got herself a big scare. It takes almost 7 seconds before a new visitor sees her homepage. She's already lost 70% of her visitors before they even see her homepage. People have little patience and don't wait that long.

The conversion of the website (the percentage of visitors that actually request or buy something) had been below Monique's expectation for a while. The slowness of the website is an important factor there.

Run without sore muscles

Your website (or webshop) can be slow without you noticing. When you visit your own website your browser remembers parts of the site. The website displays much faster than it does for a new visitor. The new visitors browser has to fetch all parts of your website and that takes time. The site can take seconds longer to display and that's the difference between a user that stays and a user that leaves.

You spend a lot of time, effort and money getting visitors to your site. It's a shame if you waste that investment by having visitors leave because your website takes too long to display. With our free scan you'll know if your website is fast enough to retain users. And if it's not we can help you make your website fast enough that you earn back more of your investment in visitors.

Monique is taking the steps required to make her site fast enough to retain visitors.

Hang on to your visitors? In a free 30 minute call we'll tell you exactly how

Run without sore muscles

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