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on 16 Nov 2019 12:40 PM

The economy is cooling down a bit. My customers see their visitors holding back with purchases. That makes the speed of your website or shop even more important to retain more visitors and to have those visitors buy more. In other words, your site needs to fast enough to keep converting.

De economische winter komt eraan

Nobody knows exactly when the next recession will hit. It's certain that it's on the way and that it won't take years before it gets here. In 2007 everything was fine, in 2008 we 'suddenly' had problems everywhere. If you want to keep converting with your website, even when the economy is down, you have to prepare now to stay ahead of your competition later.

Selling and attracting new customers depends on your web presence more and more. The speed of your web site demonstrably influences the retention of visitors (the percentage of visitors that stay) and conversion (the percentage of visitors that buy something or request information). But often you don't know how fast your site is for visitors and especially not for new visitors. And you don't know the effect of that speed on retention and conversion.

A fast website can sell 36(!) times as much as a slow website. How would it feel to easily double your sales? Ask for the scan - free for a limited time - worth 300 euros and with no strings attached, and know if your website needs to be faster.

Economic winter is coming

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