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on 15 Jan 2020 4:13 PM

Are you used to traffic jams every morning? How much time would you gain if traffic kept moving? Every day you're in more traffic jams than you know. They are electronic. It cost you, your employees and your customers a lot of time. And hence a lot of money.

You can make more money

One of my customers makes invoices with a reporting tool. Until recently that took a minute per invoice. After applying some performance advice supplied by Sciante it takes 20 seconds. Saving 40 seconds may not seem like much, but if many employees produce many invoices daily this will save you several FTE. And with the current strained job market you can avoid costly hiring procedures when your business grows.

People get used to slowness. They get used to fetching coffee when their computer starts. And a second cup as they log in. The third as the application starts. They don't complain because it's been like that for years. Even if you're used to it costs money through lost productivity. And it doesn't need to be like that. Small improvements in functionality that's used often will make your people more productive. And happier to boot.

For almost 10 years, Sciante has helped her customers systems get good performance and keep good performance. We fix problems fast and skillfully, but we prefer to prevent them before they occur. Sciante has a unique vision on IT performance that allows us to fix and prevent performance issues. Fast, competent, with oversight and insight.

To make your IT fast and reliable and keep it that way you contact Sciante with the button below.

You can make more money

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