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on 17 Oct 2019 6:30 PM

I like running. It lets me clear my head and it’s good for my health. I’m not a competitive runner. I do want the best possible health results. And improving my personal records is always nice.

Run without sore muscles

Recently I bought a smartwatch. Most smartwatches measure your heartbeat, your speed and your distance, but I bought a specialized sports watch. A sports watch measures a lot more like stride length, cadence (running rhythm) and oxygen level in your blood.

When you run there’s a limit to the amount of oxygen your lungs can take in. There’s a maximum amount of energy your body can produce with this oxygen (aerobic). You can use more energy (anaerobic), but then your body builds up a debt that you later have pay off with fatigue and sore muscles.

Using a sports watch instead of an ordinary smartwatch I can see if I’m running on oxygen or if I’m building up debt. Taking my speed down just a notch is often enough to run on oxygen. The result is a relaxing run that builds up my energy, and no sore muscles the day after. By measuring the right things the right way, signaling what’s wrong and most importantly: telling me what to do about it, the watch lets me get much better results from my running in just a few weeks time.

I do the same for my customers. I measure the right things in the right way. When things aren’t optimal or when they go wrong, I tell them what to fix and how to fix it. Sciante has the sports watch in performance tooling, measuring more, more accurately and more efficiently. You don’t just learn if you’re doing well, but also how to move from bad or just OK to GREAT.

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Run without sore muscles
on 27 Sep 2019 11:47 AM

I’ve been brewing my own beer since I was 18. It’s fun, it gives me something to drink and sharing my beer with others is really satisfying.

The basics of brewing are easy. Mill some barley malt, add water, and keep it warm for a while. Boil with hops, cool, add yeast and wait. Bottle and wait some more. Then the most important part, drink and enjoy.

Brew Great Beer

Brewing a GREAT beer is much harder. Over the years my beers improved by trial and error. My beer went from drinkable to OK. But I couldn't match the beers I was buying. I wanted to brew at least as good as commercial breweries.

So I decided to learn everything there is to know about beer. I read “De Praktijkbrouwer” (“The practical brewer”) by Gilbert Baetslé. Mr Baetslé is a (now retired) professor of brewing and fermentation technology at the university college in Gent, Belgium. In his book he explains what really goes on in a brewing kettle, a boiling kettle and a fermentation vat. And in the bottle as your beer matures.

My beer improved vastly from one brew to the next. I brew beers now that meet and exceed the beer produced by professional breweries. And I can design beers on paper and get the exact flavor I want, right from the first brew. Brewing based on knowledge instead of trial and error allows me to brew great beers instead of OK ones.

My customers experience the same. To be really successful you need to do more than just learn to push the right buttons. I help them achieve the GREATEST result possible, as I do with my beer. It takes effort and commitment, but it pays off quickly.

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Brew Great Beer
on 10 Jan 2019 1:49 PM

free employees

I was asked to fix some IT systems that were grinding to a halt. An IT staff member said these are just the systems that are failing totally. All their systems are running unacceptably slow but as long as they run at all there's no incentive to fix them.

So when your tire runs flat you keep driving slowly and replace the rim and the tire when the car stops moving at all? That's an expensive solution! A rim is much more expensive than a tire and you can only drive at a crawl. Afterwards you'll be stuck in tow truck on your way to the dealer. You won't be home for the game.

You're letting free employees get away

How would it feel if you had extra employees without having to pay them and without hiring? There are 480 working minutes in every working day. If you can save 5 of those minutes for every employee every day, you get a free employee for every 100 employees that you have. If your IT systems are up to speed you'll save much more than 5 minutes each day.

It's about how your business is running

Sciante looks at how IT performance affects your business, your customers and your people. We don't stop when all the technical lights are green. Sciante has helped dozens of customers speed up their IT so employees get more productive. And happier because no one likes waiting.

Over time your IT grows slowly. Like a car it needs maintenance. On software, hardware, configuration and more.

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free employees
on 10 Jan 2019 1:44 PM

fast data warehouse

You need to know how your business is doing right now. If your data warehouse loads once per day you only have yesterdays news. In today's fast moving world that's simply not enough. You need a fast data warehouse.

Refresh every 30 minutes

One of our customers needed their data warehouse to be more current. Much more current. We analyzed the performance of their data warehouse. We found the bottlenecks and other improvements. Today, that customer refreshes their data warehouse every 30 minutes. They're working on 15 and getting there. Their next step is faster reports, so the reports keep up with the data warehouse.

All roads lead to Rome but some are bumpier than others

Choosing the smooth road over the bumpy one can make the journey 100 times faster, sometimes even 1000 times. You need the right mix of smart processing algorithms, database tuning and hardware sizing to get your data on time at an acceptable cost. Let us help you lay down a smooth road. Or at least fill your potholes.

Another one of our customers was having trouble meeting an 8:00 AM deadline with their data warehouse. Starting earlier wasn't possible because source data wasn't available. Bigger hardware was very expensive. When the finish line slowly crept towards 11 o'clock Sciante was asked to look at the data warehouse. We found a source table that was being read from disk 78 times where once was enough. The table contained a few million records.  And we found a lot of other things to help them meet the deadline.

Get in touch using the button below and find out how you can get a fast data warehouse

fast data warehouse
on 10 Jan 2019 1:38 PM

fast report

Do you wait for weeks to get your quarter results? You don't need to. It's not your peoples fault. They spend their time waiting for reports. Time that's better spent being productive, like getting you the quarter results you need. Want to know how you can have your information in 30 seconds? Read our free white paper and you'll know in 10 minutes.

Use dedicated tools, not Swiss army knives

Your company's reports are built to handle a lot of outputs, a lot of selections and a lot of different cases. That makes them very flexible. It also makes them very slow. When you build reports to handle only the information your asking for, your wait time is lowered dramatically. Every time they're run.

Your reports can be optimized just like the reports we've optimized for many of our customers.  Let us help you find the bottlenecks in your reporting and let us give you the solution you need to get your reports on the fast track.

Your reports can run in 30 seconds

Dedicating reports to the information you require is important. You also need to tune the queries used and tune the data model to match your information need. You need to collect only the data needed to produce the required information.

Optimize your reporting with Sciante's unique solution for measuring, analyzing and monitoring iT performance. Find bottlenecks that stay hidden for other performance solutions and profit from our long experience in optimizing iT.

Get in touch using the button below and stop waiting for your information

fast report

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