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Know how your business is doing right now

fast data warehouse

You need to know how your business is doing right now. If your data warehouse loads once per day you only have yesterdays news. In today's fast moving world that's simply not enough. You need a fast data warehouse.

Refresh every 30 minutes

One of our customers needed their data warehouse to be more current. Much more current. We analyzed the performance of their data warehouse. We found the bottlenecks and other improvements. Today, that customer refreshes their data warehouse every 30 minutes. They're working on 15 and getting there. Their next step is faster reports, so the reports keep up with the data warehouse.

All roads lead to Rome but some are bumpier than others

Choosing the smooth road over the bumpy one can make the journey 100 times faster, sometimes even 1000 times. You need the right mix of smart processing algorithms, database tuning and hardware sizing to get your data on time at an acceptable cost. Let us help you lay down a smooth road. Or at least fill your potholes.

Another one of our customers was having trouble meeting an 8:00 AM deadline with their data warehouse. Starting earlier wasn't possible because source data wasn't available. Bigger hardware was very expensive. When the finish line slowly crept towards 11 o'clock Sciante was asked to look at the data warehouse. We found a source table that was being read from disk 78 times where once was enough. The table contained a few million records.  And we found a lot of other things to help them meet the deadline.

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fast data warehouse

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