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Know your performance

performance fitness test

Do you know how well your sites, shops and applications are serving their users? And how that's affecting your business? Many people don't. Our performance fitness test will tell you if your customers and users have reason to be happy about what you deliver. And what to do about it if they have reason to be unhappy.

Is your business fast enough?

People using your sites, shops and applications are interested in a fast experience. Your employees need up-to-date information for business intelligence. They don't care if your CPU or disk is running smoothly. You need to look beyond the performance of your hardware to know how good their experience is. Sciante has developed a tool set that gives you insight on all levels, not just the technical ones. Our unique way of working gives you insights that stay hidden with all other solutions.

Are you ready to grow?

When your business grows, your iT should grow with it. You need to know if it can support your new customers, your new employees and a larger data volume. Our performance fitness test tells you if you're ready for the future and how much future you're ready for. Or if the application you want to buy can support all your users, now, next week and next year. We'll tel you if your iT needs to grow to support your business, and by how much.

performance fitness test

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