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We respect the privacy of our visitors and take care that the peronal information you supply to us will be treated confidentially. Processing occurs in conformance to Dutch law. This page tell you which data we process and why we collect and process this data to make your user experience possible.

Purpose of data processing

This website is stateful. Web technology is not stateful. For the website to work we need to collect and retain certain data you supply or that your browser supplies automatically. You may choose to refuse cookies or collecting and processing of your data, but the the website does not work.

We collect personal data using forms on the web site. Each form will clearly state the purpose of the data collected on the form. You need to explicitly consent to the processing of your data to submit your data through the form. If you do not consent to processing of your data on the form, your data will not be processed.

Click behavior and visitor data

We collect generic visitor data on the website. This includes your IP address, user name if applicable, date and time of the visit, pages visited and any data automatically supplied by your browser. These data are registered for security purposes and for statistical analysis. These data are made anonymous if possible. We do not supply these data to third parties. 

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to log how vistors use the website and to detrmine how effective out Google Adwords campaigns are. The collected information, including your IP address, is sent to Google servers that may be located anywhere on the globe. read the Google privacy policy for more information, including the Google analytics privacy policy. Google uses this information to monitor website usage, to supply reports to us about website usage and to supply information to its advertisers about campaign effectiveness. Google can supply this information to third parties if legally obliged to do so. google ca supply this information to third parties for further processing. We cannot influence Google's decisions in this respect. We have not give Google permission to use this data for other services.


This website integrates with the social network LinkeIn for the purpose of sharing or promoting our content on that social network. This integration is implemented by using code supplied by LinkedIn. This code may place cookies of its own, this subject to LinkedIn's own cookie and privacy policy. Please read LinkedIn's policies, these policies are updated on a regular basis.

Email updates

We offer email updates in the form of a news letter or in other forms to inform interested parties of our services, products and related issues. Your email address will only be added to one or more of our mailing lists after your explicit consent, or if we have a legally valid reason resulting from a business relationship. You may request removal from an email list. Each email will contain an unsubscribe link. Alternatively you may enter a request in writing or by email. Our mailing lists are not supplied to third parties, except when third parties are employed to process the mailings for us.

Use of cookies

We use cookies to supply electronic services to you. A cookie is a small file send with web pages that is stored on stable storage on your computing device. We use cookies to store settings, sessions and preferences. Through our site cookies may also be placed by Google and LinkedIn for analytics purposes. Please read their cookie policies.

You may choose to refuse cookie placement. In that case you cannot visit our site as its working depends on cookies.

Insight, correction en right of resistance

If you have a relationship with our company, you can request a copy of your personal data by sending us a request in writing. If the overview we supply contains errors, you can enter a request in writing to have your data corrected or removed. You may also enter a request in writing if you do not want to be contacted by us with promotional information.

©2018-2019 Sciante Measurement B.V. No part of this policy may be reproduced in any form without written consent from Sciante Measurement B.V. You may keep a single copy for your own reference.

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