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on 01 Jul 2020 3:44 PM

Don't wait for your computer

A customer of mine moved a business critical application to the cloud. Not a lift and shift but a fresh, cloud friendly application. From day one the application started hanging for a few minutes, daily at unpredictable moments. Not just slow, it ground to a total halt. And then suddenly everything worked again, like nothing had happened at all.

No bottlenecks in sight

On the cloud servers nothing was evident. No CPU, memory or disk problems en no other inexplicable slowdowns. So I looked at their Internet connection and guess what? A lot of employees brought their own Apple devices to supplement their Windows laptops. And those Apple devices updated themselves whenever they felt like it. Apple's update servers clogged the whole Internet connection.

The customer is now using a local Internet breakout for non business traffic. His problem is solved.

It happens everywhere

In the Corona time I see a lot of similar problems at customers sites. More people are working from home and they're using more video conferencing. That changes the nature of the traffic on business Internet connections. And nobody bothered to update their configurations. Applications that used to work fine are now showing all sorts of problems.

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Don't wait for your computer

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